MESSAGE IDENTIFIER: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7/Secretariat/SC7-1997-020

Dear Members,

Please find attached the revised list of project cancellation from
JTC1. (JB: This list, JTC1N 4503, is quite lengthy and encoded and
is thus not attached. The important thing is that it does NOT
contain Project 7.19.3  Petri nets! Thus the project will

This updated list was put together by JTC1 based on the criterias
that the JTC1 Member Bodies accepted, using as input the most recent
data submitted by SC's (SC7 N1630).

As you wil see, more projects are identified as candidates for
cancellation than in JTC1 N4302.  This is due to a consistent
application of the JTC1 criterias.

The cancellations can be reconsidered if the projects identified
for it are listed in error, which means:

- That they will be at DIS stage before 1997-03-17 (in this case
  the projects will be cancelled AFTER the IS is published).

- That there is at least 5 Member Bodies that are participating.

In SC7 N1630, the stage of the project was not identified.  Also,
SC7 N1630 data is partial since not all P Members have provided

The following project is already at DIS stage:

  07.03.02 : ISO 6592

The following project will move to DIS stage in a few day
(Documents have been received from the editor):

  07.30 : System and Software Integrity Level

The following project is expected to move to DIS stage in the
very near future (WG Convenor: I need a status):

  07.23 : Software Configuration Management

The following projects may move to DIS stage in the next 2 months
(WG Convenors: I need a status / your recommendation):

  07.26 : Guide Book for Life Cycle Process

  07.35 : Mock Up and Prototype

  07.36 : Measurement and Rating of Performance....


The following projects have already been identified for

  07.27.04 Formal Review and Audits  

I do not think having to re-submit the following projects as
a PNWI to JTC1 will be an issue, if we decide to do so, given
their present status:

  07.18 Guidelines for the Management of User Documentation
        (presently under revision).

  07.27.03 SQA

  07.27.02 Software Project Management

  07.27.04 V&V

I need the inputs from WG11 on the sub-parts of 07.28

What is left are:

  07.37 : S/W Maintenance

  07.40 : S/W user Documentation Process

The SC7 Secretariat has until March 17 1997 to advise the JTC1
Secretatariat that projects are listed by error for cancelation.

The SC7 Secretariat will circulate a 45 days letter ballot to
the Member Bodies requesting that they identify which of the
projects identified for cancelation they are willing to participate
to and, if interested, the name and coordinate of their expert(s).

This data will then be sent to the JTC1 Secretariat.

I am presently planning to attend the 1997-04-7/11 meeting of the
JTC1 Ad-Hoc on Reengineering in Berlin.

Your comments and inputs would be appreciated.


Frangois Coallier

Bell Canada
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From: LISA RAJCHEL <LRAJCHEL at ansi dot org>
To: []
Cc: Mary Anne Lawler <cirsmdg at rhqvm07 dot vnet dot ibm dotcom>
Subject: JTC 1 N 4503 (revised N 4302 revised) List of Projects
         for Cancellation
Date: 13 janvier, 1997 15:14

Attached you will find document JTC 1 N 4503, List of JTC 1 Projects for 
Cancellation.  This is the revision of JTC 1 N 4302 revised as per JTC 1 
Paris resolution 8.4.  This document is circulated to JTC 1 National Bodies 
and to SC Chairmen and Secretariats announcing the cancellation of the 
identified projects effective 17 March 1997.  Those SCs that believe that 
their projects are listed in error may so advise the JTC 1 Secretariat prior 
to 17 March 1997.  This document will also be sent via diskette 104 later 
this week.