Petri nets

A formal, graphical, executable technique for the specification and analysis of concurrent, discrete-event dynamic systems; a technique undergoing standardisation. More on Petri nets...


2011-02-14Standard published: ISO/IEC 15909-2:2011 Systems and software engineering - High-level Petri nets - Part 2: Transfer format. Available from ISO [ Editor's Announcement]
2005-06-23New Working Draft of ISO/IEC 15909-2 Systems and software engineering - High-level Petri nets - Part 2: Transfer format submitted for a combined ISO/IEC SC7 WD/CD registration and CD ballot. Comments welcomed - formal or otherwise. [ Editor's Announcement | ISO/IEC 15909-2 WD (Version 0.9.0) ]
2004-12-02Standard published: ISO/IEC 15909-1:2004 Systems and software engineering - High-level Petri nets - Part 1: Concepts, definitions and graphical notation. Available from ISO.
2003-02-27International Standard Ballot of ISO/IEC 15909-1. [Ballot ZIP.]
2002-11-22Combined WD/CD Registration/FCD ballot for ISO/IEC15909-1. [FCD PDF, Disposition RTF.]
2002-10-21Great news: Green Light for High-level Petri Net Standard. [Letter Ballot Summary PDF.]
2002-09-11Notification of ballot for reinstatement of Standard.
2002-05-12Standard unintentionally cancelled during Draft International Standard (DIS) phase!
2000-10-28Final Committee Draft Version 4.7.1 published. [ Editor's Announcement | FCD ]
1998-01-28Letter Ballot Summary of the Standard.
1997-10-02Draft standard Version 3.4 published.
1997-08-14Reply to Comments on Draft Petri net Standard V2.1.
1997-01-17JTC1 News: Standard will not be Cancelled.
1996-12-13Resolution 8.4, 10th Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1.
1996-11-29Australian Response to Cancellation Proposal.
1995-08-14Petri net Subdivision Proposal.